You’ll Love Reading Your Bible — More Than Ever!

Would you like to know more about the Bible? Would you love reading Scripture if it was fun again? If you answered yes, you’re going to love what we’re doing at Bible Study Cartoons!

What To Expect …

  • GOLD NUGGETS — a valuable treasure is hidden in plain view on the pages of your Bible. Many people will be surprised even if they’ve read the Bible a dozen times!
  • HUMOR — while our cartoon illustrations are not just comedy, there is light humor. We use humor to invite you to contemplate the eternal mysteries revealed in Sacred Scripture.
  • CARICATURES — nearly all the characters in our cartoons are caricatures of real people. They are based on both public figures and everyday people. Though you’ve probably never seen many of these characters, you’ll still find yourself wondering, “Who is that? Is this for real?”

Grand Opening

For many of our old friends, the Bible Study Cartoons website will look a little strange. That’s because we are relaunching it in early 2023.

We’re posting new lessons and might even recall some of our more popular old lessons. And we’re focusing on the “What To Expect” list above.

Your Invitation

This is your invitation to join in the fun. If you think you already know your Bible pretty well, good for you! But you can still expect to learn things no matter how well you know your Bible.

And if you don’t know the Bible well but wish you did, you’re in the right place. The short lessons we share here have something for people new to the Bible — and old, “Bible experts” too.

Think And Laugh

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The Rainbow In History

The rainbow is a reminder that, in spite of our selfishness, self-centered pride, and self-serving sin, God loves us.

The rainbow invites us to turn away from sin and return to God.

We can do it. We are no longer slaves to sin. Vivat Jesus!

Our Mission …

We Draw People (Individuals) …

… To Draw People (Crowds) …

… To Draw People (Souls) To Christ!