When the Catholics arrived in the Bible Belt and established a diocese in Charleston in 1820, everyone knew — it was not going to be dull.

We like to sketch buildings and draw cartoons, but we really love telling stories! In fact, when we’re not doing catechesis in our parish or elsewhere, you’ll probably find us in the country somewhere, sitting on somebody’s porch and giving life to a fresh, new story. If you’re willing to listen, we might even usher your imagination to someplace it’s never been before.

That’s how Old South Bible Stories With A Catholic Accent got started.


Old South Bible Stories With A Catholic Accent is a series of stories that begin in South Carolina and end in the Bible. As storytellers with a rich tradition of rural recitals and a dubious history of porch story “competitions,” we’ve learned to do much with few facts. And since porch storytellers rely heavily on imagination anyway, our stories are mostly all fiction except for the parts that might be true. That’s what we tell folks who come around to listen anyway — but you decide for yourself.

To be honest, we would have to add that we never lie when we’re sitting on a porch. We do admit, however, that rumors about us spending time in the confessional afterwards (“after words“) are not entirely inaccurate. But can there really be any absolution for a story well told?


“The Mystery of the Secret Garden” is the first in a series of tall tales that have Herman Nootks (/ˌhərməˈn(y)o͞odiks/) as their main character.

Herman is a little, orange mouse who, on one evening of doom and destiny, dramatically meets his bishop, is commissioned as a Cathedral Mouse, and is transformed into a superhero of the faith by “Gomez,” his new guardian angel. With each story, Herman travels the diocese to fight spiritual battles and make new friends with priests, religious, and lay people wherever he goes.

The “Secret Garden” in this story is located in the Historic district of Charleston. It’s an old place and it’s real; nearly as old and real as the diocese itself. According to lore, soon after the diocese was established 200 years ago, a coven of witches cast a spell on the the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8). Their intent was to lock the holy highway in order to prevent the “d_#%_@ Catholics from taking over the Carolinas.

Herman learns that the location of the “Secret Garden” holds the key to unlocking the Holy Highway, but its location is the heart of the mystery. Of course, you’ll have to read the story (or listen to us tell it some time) to know the secret — but it really is very cool.

“The Mystery of the Secret Garden” will be available for FREE download soon here at Bible Study Cartoons. This first story is a great way to get together with family and friends in a small group at your parish or in your home to study the Bible and pray together. It won’t be dull.


We’re Catholic in the Carolinas. We’re here to evangelize other Catholics and the community around us. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about being Catholic in the Carolinas, it’s that you’d better have a sense of humor.


We’re all on a pilgrimage together. Someday the journey should lead us to heaven. But it’s beginning to look like getting there is serious business! Fortunately, it also appears as if the pilgrimage might be a lot of fun too. That’s because, along the way, we come upon a lot of shrines, wines, and interesting people!

We hope you’ll encounter some of that spirit on your pilgrimage and here at “Bible Study Cartoons.”


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Oh, yeah! Pray for us — we really do need it. We’ll be praying for you too you might need it as bad as we do (though that’s not likely).

In Christ!