A Love Letter from God

Do you wish you knew more about the Bible?

The Bible doesn’t have to be hard to read or difficult to understand! If you really want to know more about what’s inside the Bible, you’re going to love what we’re doing at Bible Study Cartoons!


  • We do caricatures!
  • These cartoon-style illustrations include likenesses of real people you might actually recognize. Of course, we “cartoon them up” so they’re funny looking. That’s part of the joy of this website.
  • And remember that our stories are mostly fictional. So if you recognize any of the characters, never assume that the story actually happened to that person.
  • We teach lessons with caricatures and encourage people to pray for priests, religious, seminarians, and others too!
  • Our favorite themes include: Family, Knight Life (charity, unity, and fraternity), Work and Careers, Aging, and Pro-Life issues.


If you like to smile, laugh, and have fun while you learn more about the Bible, you will want to return to our website soon and visit is often! The best way to do that is to FOLLOW us!

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