Stories! Humor! Imagination! Creativity! They all work together for what we call “creative catechesis!” Let’s talk

Life is a pilgrimage. It begins here and now, and leads to heaven and eternity — at least, that’s the destination we’re hoping for. And we have good reason for that hope. Our hope is in Jesus (Ps 71:5). Nevertheless, somewhere along the way, we need to become holy because heaven is holy (Rev 21:27; 1 Pet 1:16). That’s where “Bible Study Cartoons” can make a difference.


We like to think of ourselves as “tour guides” on the heavenly pilgrimage. Actually, we’re just catechists. We have a peculiar way of looking at evangelization and catechesis, but that’s because we’re a little different.

We’re all about finding creative ways of teaching the Bible and the faith. We also try to equip our brothers and sisters for their journey (Eph 4:12-16). And we encourage them to keep moving forward (Heb 3:13), even when they get tired or discouraged.

We tell stories. We draw cartoons too. While we almost always try to include humor, ou real goal is not laughter. It’s helping people realize they can learn to use their Bibles. And we want them to be interested enough that they’ll take a second or third look!


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Oh, yeah! Pray for us — we really do need it. We’ll be praying for you too you might need it as bad as we do (though that’s not likely).

In Christ!