Porch Stories Podcast …

Coming really, really soon (we think early July 2020), join us as we tell some porch stories for our new podcast.

These are “Old South Bible Stories … with a Catholic accent!” They are all fiction (we won’t ever admit that again …), but they include lots of real people and places to make them rather believable. On top of that, we use obscure, but real historical events to develop these stories and make them really interesting.

The stories are told around our Cathedral mouse and unlikely superhero of the faith “Herman Nootks.” Herman is a little, orange mouse who uses the Kingdom of God to solve mysteries that pose a threat to the Church or the community around it. Along the way, readers have an opportunity for some catechesis as they listen or read (there will be a “flash fiction” version of the stories).

Most of the stories are “serialized.” That is, each is a complete thought or idea, but they have to be put together to tell and entire story. It’s a little like the “Seasons and Episodes” that we see on television these days!

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In Christ!