Old South Bible Stories

Catholic Roads

“Old South Bible Stories … with a Catholic accent!”

Jesus was a storyteller! Some of the best teachings He ever did came in the form of stories and parables. Stories work because they’re interesting. They can be meaningful and fun too.

We can’t compete with Jesus, of course, but we do like to imitate Him. We tell the kind of stories you might expect to hear sitting on a porch somewhere out in the country as the sun sets on a hot, summer evening.

We tell stories to our grandkids. We tell them to the neighbors too. And we’ll tell them to you — if you’re willing to slow down long enough to listen.

About Our Porch Stories …

  • All our stories are true.
  • The ones that aren’t are generally authentic.

  • Some of our porch stories are funny.
  • All of them glorify God and invite folks to open their Bibles.

Our stories are aimed at Catholics, though anyone interested in learning more about the Bible can benefit. They don’t actually come from the Bible. Rather, they lead to the Bible!

We help our friends fall in love with the Bible! We believe St. Jerome — to know the Bible is to know Jesus.

Your Invitation …

Plan to drop by sometime soon and sit on the porch with us. While you’re there, listen to a few stories.

If you can’t find us, no problem! We’re putting some Old South Bible Stories online in our new podcast very soon!