We are a team of catechists with a flair for creativity and a passion to tell stories — especially stories that lead to an understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ!


“Bible Study Cartoons” is a web-based initiative of the Catholic Roads apostolate. Through our cartoon-illustrated stories, we help equip others for their life’s purpose (Eph 4:12-16).

We use the Bible to inspire and encourage folks to keep moving forward (Heb 3:13), even when they’re tired or discouraged. And if they get to smile and laugh along the way, that’s pretty cool too!


Apart from prayer, we believe Catholic media is the most powerful resource the Church has available to catechize and evangelize. We’re “all-in” as supporters of Catholic media, and we often reference and promote Catholic media and media personalities in our stories and cartoons.

Support Catholic media. Watch. Listen. Read. And give. The soul you help reach might turn out to be someone you love!


Our cartoons are available to dioceses and parishes for their newspapers and bulletins.

Contact us if you would like to run some cartoons!


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Oh, yeah! Pray for us — we really do need it. We’ll be praying for you too.

In Christ!