Cartoon Features

We have several cartoon features for our friends. We’ll introduce you to them below.


  • UNCOMMON SENSE — disruptive thoughts can be good for society. This feature looks at “stuff” that once was common sense but seems to be all-but-forgotten today. The good news is, if a little orange mouse can learn about “uncommon sense,” normal Catholics (like us) can too! Check out “Uncommon Sense” and meet Herman Nootks too.
  • CATHOLIC COOL — Catholics are cool, and we can be pretty funny too! The “Catholic Cool” feature invites readers to explore the Bible while reminding everyone that it really is cool to be Catholic. Check it out!
  • NUN SENSE — priests and religious are people too! “Nun Sense” takes you inside a community of media nuns in old Charleston for a peek at life in community. The place is real. The situations and characters, of course, are not. You’ll get a whole, new perspective on community living when you read “Nun Sense.” And you’ll have a lot of fun too!


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