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Nun Sense

ABOUT … Join Herman, the Cathedral mouse, as he works with Bishop Jac, the Media Nuns, and the priests and laypeople from Chucktown Diocese to solve many of the problems of daily life.

Knight Life

ABOUT … There’s always something going on with Deni, Earl, and their friends at Holy Trinity. Family, parish life, work, careers, aging, and many other topics are addressed in the “Knight Life” feature. Inspired by the Knights of Columbus, charity, unity, and fraternity are important issues for the cast of characters in “Knight Life.”

The Holy Highway

ABOUT … The Bible talks about a holy highway that goes everywhere and can be accessed by everyone except evil people (Is 35:8). Even foolish people can travel the holy highway without getting lost. Some old guys on motorcycles from the Chucktown Diocese have found the Holy Highway, and they’re using it to learn more about the Lord.

The conversations the old guys have in this feature explore the Bible and offer deeper insight along with a few laughs too!

Pray 4

A Bible study website would be nothing if it didn’t offer its visitors an opportunity for prayer too. In this feature, we caricature priests deacons, seminarians, religious people, and Catholic media personalities too.

Most of the time, we change up the style a little because of the nature of this feature. Instead of the goofy, funny looking “caricature characters” we normally draw, we shift to an “avatar” style (more realistic looking).

We use this feature to mobilize prayer for the featured person.

Social Media …

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