12 Verses

12 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know!

These 12 Bible verses speak loudly to our Catholic faith. For Catholics who are exploring the Bible and hoping to learn more about what it says, this is an excellent starting point. This Bible study is simple, easy, straightforward, and effective.

There are, of course, many other great passages in the Bible, but since you have to start somewhere — we recommend you start right here!

Click on the link below. Download the handout. Read each passage in your Bible. Then answer the questions.

You can do this short Bible study individually or with a small group of friends over a meal and drinks in someone’s home.

You don’t have to be a Bible expert to do this Bible study or to lead others either.

If you encounter any questions, just contact us. We’ll get you the answers and help you in any other way we can.

Click HERE to download the “12 Verses” handout.