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BIBLE STUDY CARTOONS … currently offers two Bible study tracks online. You”ll find a description of each below.

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“Daily Readings”

“Daily Readings” is inspired by the USCCB’s Daily Readings for Sunday mass. We illustrate a theme from the Sunday mass — adding our own special “twist” in each cartoon to help bring it to life and make it more memorable.

The “Daily Readings” cartoons keep the theme for the Sunday mass in front of you all week.

“It Is Written!”

“It Is Written!” is inspired by actual stories in the Bible. These cartoons are published in groups based on the Bible books in which they appear.

Expect to find a Bible story with questions that connecting the Bible story to everyday life. We’re currently working on the Book of Matthew.

Getting Started …

We don’t require “enrollment.” If you would like to explore a Bible Study Cartoon lesson, search the archives. This site works just like a blog.

We do encourage you to add comments as you review a Bible Study Cartoon. That helps others to benefit from the thoughts you had as you reviewed the scripture and considered what was being said.

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