Avatar Art

We do “avatar art” — a lot of it!

Avatar art is like caricature art, but it’s usually “studio-done” and more precise than “quick-draw” caricatures.

Avatars are popular as gravitars or as images on social media and web sites.

Avatars are a fun way of communicating who you are or what do.

Primary Uses …

Our primary purpose for avatars is to promote prayer in support of priests, deacons, and religious. We’ve just started two, new “Pray4” (pray for) series. The first is in support of our own home diocese (Diocese of Charleston). We’ll be focusing on prayer for priests, deacons, and religious here at home.

The second is in support of those actively engaged in Catholic media of some kind. Catholic media is perhaps the most powerful and effective tool available to the Church today for evangelization and formation.

Other Uses …

We have done avatars for friends to use on their social media pages and websites.

We sometimes draw (quick-draw / rough) caricatures for parish events and produce avatars from that work when we return to “The Barn” (our studio) — we live and work in the country.

And we’ve used avatar-caricatures in workshops to encourage thought and prayer on both identity and vocation (who you are determines what you do … so who are you?).

Special Invitation …

Pray with us please!

Join us as we pray for (Pray4) priests, deacons, and religious, and for Catholic media.

Prayer matters. And your prayer makes the biggest difference of all.

Your Next Step …

Follow our blog so you get the “Pray4” messages when we release them. And join us as we pray for priests, deacons, and religious, as well as Catholic media!