Flying On Purpose

ROYAL NUNS’ FLYING ACADEMY (CR News) — Miracles do still happen, and, according to one nun at the Royal Nuns’ Flying Academy, the most common miracle is when someone encounters the reason they were created. There’s real power in knowing the purpose of your life.

Let’s talk.!

It Is Written

The Bible talks about purpose — a lot!

The purposes in the human mind are like deep water,
but the intelligent will draw them out.

— Prov 20:5 (NRSV)

What does that mean? And how does it apply to everyday people like us?

Plans and vision! They’re a good place to start this little conversation. God’s truth (which is the only truth, by the way) has been written into our hearts. We know it instinctively.

We have holy attractions. We are drawn to things. We don’t always know how or why, but if we know anything about him, we know that God calls us to him and to the purpose for our being.

So when you’re seeking your purpose, start with that enduring vision and those persistent plans that reverberate in your life. As you follow them, expect to get sidetracked. We have an enemy. But we also have the Christ and the whole Kingdom of God working with us and for us.

Trust Jesus and seek first his kingdom (Mt 6:33)!

And pray. And think … the plans in our hearts are like deep waters.

Then this verse says “the intelligent will draw them out.” And that’s scary part because most of us aren’t actually that intelligent! But don’t worry. This isn’t about books or “schooling” or IQ or anything else like that. It’s really more about your faith meeting God’s wisdom.

When you put your faith in Jesus and intersect with his wisdom, things will become apparent to you in due time.

Speak of time, this would be a good time to remind you that God never gets in a hurry. Expect to wait on the Lord. He can be trusted.

Life Goes On

We have information from reliable sources that our two sisters did, in fact, go out into the parking lot behind the Provincial House to test fly Sr. Ann’s new drone. Her drone performed like a finely tuned machine. No bombs were dropped nor were any unexpected packages delivered.

Oh, yeah! One of our favorite sisters at the Royal Nuns’ Flying Academy told us that they’re planning to start experiments with rockets soon. That ought to be interesting, and it might even inspire a new desire for prayer in some of us too.

Our Story

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be part of the Church Jesus started. COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

4 thoughts on “Flying On Purpose

  1. Only God knows how high we will fly and where He will lead us next. It is always a great experience to see something fly and to ponder the dynamics of flight. We can soar Lead by the Spirit, Amen 🙏


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