The Sacristy Locker Room

Some say Sacristy Teams use the Locker Room to get some much-needed rest between the Triduum liturgical gatherings.

GRAND STRAND SC (CR News) — The Sacristy Locker Room is making a comeback. At least, that’s what many traditionalists are saying along the Grand Strand these days.

According to some usually reliable sources, in the pre-Vatican II Catholic world, locker rooms connecting to the sacristies in a parish were not at all uncommon.

“Partly because masses were a lot longer back then,” one source in the North Myrtle Beach area told us, “and partly because they were all in Latin which mostly nobody understood — some folks just got restless. A locker room nearby was a handy place for a team to go during half time!”

Another source on the South Strand offered some conflicting information. “No, it had nothing to do with the convenience of the congregation,” she said. “People back then were a lot tougher than they are today. They paid attention and powered through the liturgies.”

But there were some with whom we spoke that said the “locker room talk” was just a legend that gets shared each year by the people who don’t have enough commitment to the Church to attend a mass or service with longer liturgies. “It’s nonsense,” he said. “I’ve been hearing this every year since I was a child. And I’ve never seen a locker room in any parish — except maybe the ones that have a basketball court or a football field.”

Well, we couldn’t get a definitive response to the question. We even sent a written request to both the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Atlanta. To date, we’ve received a response from neither. What we were able to conclude, however, is that the Christ suffered and died for us. For those who want greater solidarity with the Passion of our Lord, quit complaining!

The Triduum is an amazing Church tradition that deeply explores the Creation, Fall, and Redemption of mankind in scripture, music, and homiletics. Make it part of your life each year, and you will be better for the experience!

Click on the link below to watch our short video on the Sacristy Locker Room. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

7 thoughts on “The Sacristy Locker Room

  1. You will notice that looking at the exterior of the Church there seems to be rooms connected behind the main structure. Somewhere back there is the locker room…

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    1. Yes, dear sister. The little, orange mouse “ratted” you out. And brother Earl and I now believe that the walls outside the back of the church do not line up with the interior walls inside. We think there might be some truth to this rumor about a “Sacristy Lounge!”

      On a lighter note, I really do hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for all your hard work!


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