The Fall

KINGSTREE SC (CR News) — A retired truck driver and Navy veteran faced an interesting challenge recently. Soon after participating in a spiritual healing retreat at his parish in Orangeburg, he had an unexpected accident in his workshop at home.

“One moment I was working,” Mr. Mario told a CR News team, “and the next minute, I could see the ground rushing up at me. By the time I realized I was falling, it was too late to stop.”

“Wham!” Mario told the reporters.

“I didn’t really get hurt,” he said, “Somehow, I just sprained my ankle. But it was embarrassing.”

According to Mr. Mario, his wife had to come out to the workshop to help him get off the ground. That’s when the old veteran made an important decision. He was going to Kingstree to visit Fr. Binet, the priest who had led the retreat at Holy Trinity.

Not only was Fr. Binet a Catholic priest, but he was also a board certified medical doctor.

“At first, I thought about just going down to the VA hospital in Columbia,” Mario reported. “That’s what I would have normally done. But then I decided, how could I lose talking to this priest?“

“I figured he might be able to fix me on the inside and out,” Mario told us. “It’s like getting a double whammy!”

A usually reliable source who is also a friend of Mr. Mario’s told us that he drove over to Kingstree with his friend. According to our source, he was with Mario and the priest the whole time. He described in detail how the appointment went.

With the help of modern technology, we made a short video of the meeting based on the eye witness account. Apparently, whatever Fr. Binet did, it worked because Mr. Mario reports that he felt better almost immediately after their meeting.

“It was a miracle, I tell you,” Mario told us enthusiastically. “I don’t care what anybody says … this priest really knows his business! And God — well, He’s just awesome and amazing!”

We followed up with Mario’s wife before going to press with our story this morning. She told us that Mario was back in his shop tinkering with old cars as if nothing had ever happened.

“Mother Mary is an amazing prayer warrior,” she said. “Fr. Binet’s not so bad either,” she added.

Our video of the eye witness account appears below along with a little warning — don’t let yourself get knocked down without a plan for how you’re going to get back up. Sooner or later, we all fall. So pray everyday and stay close to Jesus!

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic! COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

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