Mercy Reigns

BULL SWAMP SC (CR News) — the parishioners at Holy Trinity wrapped up their Lenten Bible Study recently with an in-depth discussion on the exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees. The incident in the Bible was an attempt by the Pharisees to set a trap for Jesus. They pitted Roman Law against Jewish Law, and used a woman caught in adultery to set the trap.

Much of the discussion focused on the mercy Jesus showed the woman. She was unable to defend herself against the accusations of the Pharisees. The Pharisees asked Jesus what they should do with her.

Jewish Law required her to be stoned to death. Roman Law did not permit executions except by Romans authorities. The Pharisees anticipated Jesus would tell them they should follow Jewish Law. And since adultery was not a legal violation under Roman Law, Jesus would be guilty of encouraging the Pharisees to break Roman Law. He might then face a death sentence himself.

The class agreed that Jesus actually turned the tide on the Pharisees when he told them to let the man with no sin throw the first stone. None of the Pharisees could do that, of course, and slowly, they all walked away. Their departure was an admission of their own guilt.

With her accusers gone, Jesus forgave the woman and admonished her not to sin again. She left the Lord as a free woman. Some have suggested she might even have been among the women Jesus encountered on his way to Golgotha with the cross.

The Lenten Bible study capped off what most parishioners at Holy Trinity describe as “an amazing weekend.” Fr. Scott Binet led the retreat. It focused on spiritual healing.

Fr. Binet is a priest and missionary in the Diocese of Charleston. He is also a board certified medical doctor, and the founder of the Missionaries of Mercy (MOM) ministry in South Carolina. Fr. Binet is based in Kingstree, located in Williamsburg County.

Watch a short video from CR News covering the Lenten Bible study by clicking on the link below. The Bible study group usually meets online on Monday evenings for about an hour.

Click on the video to see it

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic! COOL2B!

Vivat Jesus!

One thought on “Mercy Reigns

  1. Lovely slideshow.

    I remember learning that the passage about the woman caught in adultery very nearly didn’t make it into the canon of the gospel of John. Even a hundred years after Jesus lived, his Church hesitated to include this story because they were afraid it would encourage adultery.


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