The Blessing of Bad Caricatures

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. Then when you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you.

(Jer 29:11-12, NRSVCE)


We draw caricatures. Everyone who knows us knows that about us. It’s not a stretch to say that we have always drawn caricatures. We probably couldn’t stop even if we tried. And why would we try — it’s who we are!

As we’ve grown older, we’ve learned some important lessons about this wonderful gift.


Everyone seems to be seeking purpose in life. Oh, sure, we have to survive first (thanks, Maslow). But once we get beyond the womb and daily survival, the name of the game becomes fulfillment.

Most people are striving to arrive at some undefined point. People want to encounter their real purpose for living. And they want to do it before they die. It’s like the ultimate “bucket list” item!

Drawing caricatures has helped us learn a secret about life.


Before telling you the secret, we want to acknowledge a point publicly. While it’s true that we have drawn some really cool, funny, and amazing caricatures, we’ve also drawn some really bad ones too. We’re talking about — Bombs! Zeroes! Duds! Kerplunk!

For a long time, the bad caricatures embarrassed us. We even hesitated to tell people we drew caricatures for fear that they might see some of those bad ones. But then, one day, we realized that our purpose in life was connected to those caricatures — both the good and the bad!

The bad caricatures made us think about what we were doing with our caricature art. It turned out that we drew people … so that we might draw a crowd … so that some might come to Christ!

That was it! A simple, fun, and meaningful purpose! But still, we continued to draw some bad caricatures from time-to-time.


Nobody wants to be the subject of a bad caricature, of course. But it’s not always so bad to draw a bad caricature. In fact, in those episodic, “mugwamp moments” of artistic embarrassment, we actually stumbled upon a life lesson that we’ve been able to share with others:

“Don’t let your life become a bad caricature of the cool person you really are. Be you and do that thing you were made to do!”

(Anonymous Caricature Artist)

God knew us even before we were put into the woman’s womb. And He consecrated us for His good purpose (Jer 1:5).


In the Bible, God tells Moses that His name was “I Am” (Ex 3:7–8, 13-14). Or more precisely, His name was “I Am Who (that) I Am.”

The word “AM” is a form of the verb “to be.” Whatever else God was saying to Moses, He communicated that the emphasis was on being. What God does flows out of who God is. The lesson for each person made in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1:26-27) is that you find your purpose in who you are, not what you’ve DONE or failed to do.

Be the amazing human that God made you to be or you risk becoming whatever else you’ve been doing with your life.

(Anonymous Caricature Artist)

So let’s wrap this little Bible Study Cartoon lesson up with a simple, action plan you can find in the Bible:

  • YOUR CREATOR — God has a plan for you (Jer 29:11-12). It’s a good plan to bless you and those around you. Get to know Him.
  • YOUR IDENTITY — a big reason we struggle is because of what we’ve been doing. Most of us are pretty good at drawing bad caricatures of ourselves. But God has a “white stone” (a secret identity) for you, and He’s ready to reveal it (Rev 2:17) when you’re ready.
  • YOUR NEXT STEP — seek God, and you’ll find whatever else you’ve been looking for in life (Mt 6:33).
  • JESUS IS THE WAY — Jesus is the way and the truth and the life (Jn 14:6). He’ll get you where you’re going, but you have to learn to trust Him.

It works! It really does!

In the meantime, maybe you should leave the caricature drawing (good ones and bad ones) to us. And oh, yeah! Enjoy the fantastic journey that is your life!


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic.

Vivat Jesus!

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