Christmas With The Sisters!

Traditional Holiday Fun with the Media Nuns!

CHARLESTON SC (CR News) — Mark your calendars. Get ready to roll. That’s because, this St. Nicholas Day (December 6), we’re planning to celebrate “Christmas With The Sisters!”

The Deal …

Here’s the deal. The sisters at the Catholic Bookstore and Media Center on King Street, in Charleston, are part of the Daughters of St. Paul. They’re affectionately known around the world as the “media nuns.” And that’s why they operate a Catholic Bookstore and Media Center in Charleston.

But that’s not the whole story!

Pauline Cooperators …

The Pauline Family has ten (10) different groups, known as institutes, congregations, or associations. One of the lay groups, the Pauline Cooperators, is planning this event for the sisters in Charleston. There are Pauline Cooperators in several of the parishes in the Diocese of Charleston.

The Pauline Family creates, distributes, and uses Catholic media to evangelize and catechize the world around them.

What To Expect …

We’re going to “pound” the media nuns for Christmas this year. Now before you get defensive like Sr. Lulu in the cartoon at the bottom of this page, let us explain what a “pounding” actually is.

Poundings are an old, church tradition. It’s all about filling the pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator with great, nutritious food. Back in the days, folks would bring “a pound” of this and “a pound” of that for the people who were getting “pounded.” Over time, people just said they were doing a pounding for someone.

Everyone that comes is asked to bring the sisters a gift or two suitable for a “pounding.” Our sisters have taken a vow of poverty, so there is no need to buy them fancy clothing and things like that.

And yes, it’s also okay, of course, to make financial donations to the Daughters of St. Paul. Whatever you bring in the form of financial gifts will go towards the continuation of the ministry there in Old Charleston.

Who’s Invited …

Friends of the media nuns are invited, of course. Folks in the parishes around Charleston who shop there are invited too. And all lay members of the Pauline Family in the Carolinas and Georgia are invited as well.

So stop by anytime during the day. Drop off your “pounds” of goodies. Do some Christmas shopping in the “bookstore” (book and media center) for your family and friends. And don’t forget to treat yourself to some Christmas shopping downtown also.

If you can, be sure to join us for an informal dinner in the “JPII Hall” after the store closes. We’re hoping maybe even to get Sr. Julia to play a little Christmas music on her harp.

Don’t Miss The Fun …

Join us as we “pound the nuns” and have “Christmas With The Sisters” this December 6th at the Catholic Bookstore and Media Center on King Street in Charleston.

Bring your “pounds” any time that day. And plan to join us for dinner together after the store closes.

It will be a Merry Christmas once again on King Street in Old Charleston.


That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic!

Vivat Jesus!

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