Where Did The Time Go?

Our Story …

Earl and Deni were driving to Holy Trinity recently. As they went down the road, they reflected on the many years they had been married. Their marriage has resulted in eight adult children and nearly uncountable numbers of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But here they were, just the two of them, going to church for daily mass and to receive the Bread of Life (John 6).

It Is Written …

The Bible tells us that, after creating the man, God saw that it was not good for the man to be alone. He decided to make a helper, a partner, for the man (Gen 2:18). There’s a lot more to this story than what first meets the eye.

In their respective beings, they were man and woman. This is a reality which is good. It was willed by God. In their “being-man” and “being-woman”, they reflect God’s wisdom and goodness. (Based on CCC 369).

The Catechism explains that man and woman were created. God willed them into existence. He did so in perfect equality as human persons. We know this because the woman was made from the man. Thus, she was neither greater nor less than the man from which she came into being.

Life Goes On …

For most of us, there’s something sad about growing old. We realize the undeniable — that life together here on this earth will soon end. It can be a time of great reflection.

Earl and Deni have decided that the great work of their life is to help each other get to heaven where they will live forever with Jesus, Mary, the saints who prayed for them, and all the angels who serve the Kingdom of God. And of course, these two old friends are praying for their generations which God has permitted them to know.

It wasn’t always easy for Deni and Earl. More than a half-century ago, these two self-centered people married in the presence of God. In the ensuing years, life happened and they witnessed joy and sorrow together. Through it all, they remained faithful to God who has always been faithful to them.


Three persons, a man, a woman, and God, can really become One. For this to occur, however, the two must put their trust in the one God. And they must give Him their marriage and their family,

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

2 thoughts on “Where Did The Time Go?

  1. When a man loves a woman, it begins. When the woman accepts that love new life begins. Those humble beginnings can become a family of love that grows and flourishes by the Grace of God alone. We are blessed, amen 🙏

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