I Believe


Deacon Guy and Herman had both seen the interview with comedian Bill Maher. The popular comedian appeared on one of those genealogy shows. Several times he had boasted playfully that he was an atheist.

Herman was surprised. Deacon Guy was confused. But the Bishop had some great advice.


The story appears on the Catholic Roads website. Click HERE to read the rest of the story!

It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

One thought on “I Believe

  1. Alas, the lovely lie about atheists needing faith is just that, a lie. Atheists have concluded that there are no gods. There is no evidence for them. No faith needed at all.

    I, as an atheist, don’t believe that everything was an accident. We have evidence that everything is from the laws of physics. No gods needed. That the universe is rather nifty doesn’t need a god, and alas Christians can’t show that their god exists or was the creator. No Dr. Seuss universe so nope, things aren’t “random”.

    Most, if not all, religions claim that the universe is the “evidence” for their god. None can show this to be the case.

    I also have a purpose to my life, no god needed. I am quite happy to not need to pretend I have to stroke a god for eternity as “heaven”. Helping my fellow humans, enjoying love, having a good glass of wine, etc is all I need.

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