The Good Old Days: Part VI


Though it seemed like it took forever, Deacon Guy did finally get around to talking with his good friend Jose. And Jose quickly confirmed that he did, in fact, know exactly where to find the good old days.

According to Jose, the good old days are still around. They are everywhere. We just have to know what we’re looking for.


The Bible tells us that friends love at all times, and families stick together even in hard times (Prov 17:17). The kind of family ties that God intended when He created marriage and family are capable of weathering the storms of life even in today’s world. God provided for these strong families long before man ever established governments and created laws about new kinds of family.

The Catechism reminds us that God is love. His very being is an unbreakable bond of love found in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God has always shared this love with mankind throughout His creation. (CCC 221)


After hearing what his friend Jose had to say, Deacon Guy realized that those longing for the good old days are actually seeking the love of God. The Deacon also recognized that those rejecting the notion of good old days are rejecting the love of God. It was amusing to the Deacon to recognize that he was starting to understand what he had actually always known — God is love.

God was with us in the good old days, and the good old days are still with those who embrace family life the way God created it.

The Deacon would report to Bishop Bob that he had found the good old days. They are not gone. The world has mostly lost sight of them because we have established new kinds of cultures that try to exist without the love of God.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

One thought on “The Good Old Days: Part VI

  1. Amen Herman, Family love is the heart of Devine relationships as God intended and as He came to be with us in the Holy Family. Love shared and experienced in a close-knit family will weather the many storms of modern culture’s self centered misery. God help and have mercy on us. Amen

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