The Good Old Days: Part IV


After getting a special assignment from Bishop Bob, Deacon Guy set about the task of interviewing random people from Holy Trinity parish to learn where the good old days had gone. The more the Deacon heard, the more he realized how little he actually understood. Before he realized it, he found himself believing that, perhaps, he had been given a fool’s mission.


The Bible tells us that we have great cause for hope and joy. Even if we don’t completely understand it now, one day we will. When we see our Lord face-to-face with our resurrected bodies, everything will be clear. For now, however, we have the gift of the Mass. The Mass is our opportunity to experience heaven while we are still on this earth. And the Eucharistic Prayer of the Mass is our prayer of praise and thanksgiving. (Phil 4:6)

The Catechism explains that when we share in God’s love, we understand that any need can become the object of our petition. The Christ who assumed all things that he might redeem all things is glorified by what we ask our Father in His name. This is the confidence upon which St. James and St. Paul stand when they exhort the Church to pray at all times. (CCC 2633)


After speaking with Father, Deacon Guy was ready to give a report to Bishop Bob. And he was prepared to do whatever Bishop might require him to do next.

The good Deacon understood that Bishop Bob was exercising proper authority bestowed on him in his role as the shepherd of Chucktown Diocese. Deacon Guy considered it a privilege to be part of this mission.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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