Church Music


Church music. It lives and breathes under the cover of various names. Liturgical music. Praise. And worship too, to name just a few.

Music is a call. It is a vocation not unlike other calls God issues His children. People like Jerry (in truth, there is none other quite like him) cannot help themselves. While they often possess other talents, skills, and abilities, they commonly find themselves returning to the trough of song.

And so we were witnesses that morning near “Jerry’s Corner” in the back of dear Holy Trinity. While you never know what another person is really thinking, we’re quite sure Jerry was having what brother Earl calls “a holy moment” playing quietly in the back corner.


The Bible tells us that God identified Himself to Moses as “I AM WHO I AM!” (Exod 3:14). In that time, people often named themselves after another person or identified themselves by the work that they did. But God just is.

The Catechism explains that this divine name is mysterious just as God Himself is mystery to man. It is the refusal of a human name, even while it better expresses God as being infinitely above everything humans can understand or say. (CCC 206)

He is the “hidden God”, who makes Himself close to men.


We weren’t alone that morning in Church. We’re quite sure we caught a glimpse of Herman too. He’s Bishop Bob’s orange, Cathedral mouse, so he gets around. They tell me that Herman is particularly fond of Jerry’s music.

To Herman, Jerry’s singing echoes generations of song that can be traced back to County Cork and its neighboring counties in the old country of Ireland. He might be just as comfortable playing old ballads in a small Irish pub as he is playing liturgical music for mass in a Catholic church. Music is funny that way, and so are those who are resuscitated when they play it.


Heaven has a special place for music and for those who give thanks to God through song.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

4 thoughts on “Church Music

    1. Thank you, sister. I am expecting a “folk art” version of Deni to appear in a story soon. We can’t promise the day because that is a matter of inspiration. But it is definitely “in the hopper.” Looking forward to next Monday at the Quay Estate. Blessings!


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