Ears That Hear


Fr. Antony was excited! Holy Trinity was finally upgrading its sound system. It had been about 30 years since any real changes were made. And now, the mass with its prayers, songs, homily, and liturgies would be heard more clearly than ever!

Before the final tweaks and tests of the system, one big challenge remained. Someone had to mount two, big speakers on the front walls. That job fell to brother Warren. As Warren climbed the tall, rickety ladder, Herman wondered if he felt like he was climbing a stairway to heaven.

Being the good priest that he is, Fr. Antony was there for moral support. Herman was certain that he could see Fr. Antony praying. And the little mouse was quite sure Warren could use a prayer or two at that moment. That’s when something very strange happened.


The Bible tells us that faith comes from hearing (Rom 10:17). How can one hear the Gospel, however, if it is not proclaimed for all to hear? Fr. Antony decided he would do his part to make sure everyone was able to hear.

The Catholic Church teaches the evangelical mission of the Church. It goes like this … Jesus communicates His truth to the Church. The Church receives it in faith and then proclaims it to the world.

The Apostles and the early Church first faithfully communicated the Deposit of Faith by word of mouth. Later they began to write about it too. The oral tradition of the Church, however, preceded the inspired books of the New Testament and actually helped bring them into existence.

(SOURCE: Didache Bible With Commentary Based On The Catechism Of The Catholic Church; by Ignatius Press; Kindle Edition.)

Without the Oral Tradition, we would have no Bible today.


Even as he was perched high upon a ladder working on speakers for the new sound system, Warren’s Catholic training was available to him. You can see similar evidence all around you nearly every day. It is most evident when sports figures preparing for a great challenge bless themselves.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

2 thoughts on “Ears That Hear

  1. Speak softly Lord your servant is listening, speak loudly Lord, your older servants are deaf. And so we all have equal opportunity to hear the word of the Lord. Thanks be to God and Herman’s techie Warren


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