Little Red Birds


Papa was deeply troubled as he knelt to pray. Facing the crucifix, he could see the early morning light bathing Vatican City. He marveled at how God sent little birds to him each morning. Most of them encouraged his prayers, but there were those few! Whenever the few showed up, there were always distractions.

“It’s the way of nature,” the old Pope thought to himself.

“Come, Holy Spirit,” he continued. “Speak to your servant for I am here, and I am listening.”


The Bible is clear. We are to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28). We do not face an over-population crisis in the world today, as some say. And we are not running out of land either. We are more likely in danger of the species coming to an end than we are of overpopulating the world. And the majority of the land in the world today is vacant and dormant.

This population thing and it’s impact on reproduction is more important than people realize. And the deception surrounding it is also enormous.

The Catechism explains that man and woman were made “for each other.” God didn’t just half-make each one. He created them both to be in communion with each other (CCC 372). In marriage, God unites a man and a woman in such a way that they form “one flesh.” They actually transmit human life to a new generation, thereby cooperating with God in His creative work.


Yes, Papa was troubled. The orthodox ones in the Church were clamoring that we need to do as we’ve always done. Well, actually, those traditionalists were saying that we need to continue with the rich deposit of truth Jesus left the Church through His Apostles.

Meanwhile, the Bishops in Germany were leading the global fuss to compromise with pop culture. They feared that culture would crush the Church — and maybe even Jesus — if the Church didn’t come around to the ways of the world.

Herman was careful not to distract Papa from his prayer time. He stood off to the side and watched the little, red birds playing at his window. He hoped they were not confusing Papa. Herman prayed for the pope. He also prayed that the Holy Spirit might remove the scales from the eyes of so many before it was too late for the world.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

4 thoughts on “Little Red Birds

  1. Truth is frequently a frightening revaluation often missed as tragic changes become the norm and the consequences overlooked. God have mercy on us, amen

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