Flood, Mousetraps, and Superheroes


“How did I get here?” Herman thought as he sat in his little apartment in the mouse village at the Cathedral. One moment he had been sitting on the edge of a creek in the Bull Swamp. The next moment, he found himself in the middle of a thousand year rainstorm that washed him out of the swamp and into the North Edisto River.

On that day, the normally deep and lazy waters of the Edisto were swirling as they raced downstream, carrying anything and everything in their wake. The little orange mouse survived the deluge, but he had no idea where he finally washed ashore. It was in Chucktown. That day launched him on a great adventure and changed his life forever!


The Bible tells us that God was so disgusted with the sinful ways of men that he sent a flood to destroy the whole world (Gen 6:1-7:5). It happened at a time when people were particularly rebellious and bad. It was a time very much like now.

The Catechism tells us that God saved Noah and his family in the Ark. Since he had come to the Cathedral, Herman had seen many baptisms. The Flood and the Ark always reminded him of Baptism and the Church.


Herman recalled seeing Jeremiah for the first time. Jeremiah was one of many grey mice who lived in the mouse village at the Cathedral. When Mayor PappaJo learned of the great rainstorm in the Midlands and the Upstate, he dispatched some of his best mice to the river’s edge to look for immigrants. Mayor PappaJo knew intuitively that they would be scared, hungry, and tired. Jeremiah and his companions brought the fortunate few back to the mouse village.

Herman learned quickly about Monsignor’s Gouda-laden mousetraps. The Monsignor always used the deadly Acme 1517’s to capture mice in the Cathedral. There had never been a mouse to escape Monsignor’s wrath, at least not until Herman arrived.

Yes, the little orange mouse got caught. In fact, the Acme 1517 had broken Herman’s tail in four places, damaging his pride worse than his torso. It didn’t finish him off thanks in no small way to Bishop Bob who had been in his study off the kitchen when the trap snapped.

Most of you already know the rest of this story but please indulge us. Bishop Bob set Herman free. And in response to Herman’s deep gratitude, the Bishop made “Herman Nootks” the new Cathedral mouse in preparation for the bicentennial celebration of the Chucktown Diocese.

That’s when Herman got a guardian angel. He introduced himself as Gomez. Mice don’t usually have guardian angels, but Cathedral mice do get them. And a mouse with a guardian angel is destined to be a superhero of the faith.

“The Flood,” Herman recalled, had washed him out of the swamp, ending his old life as it landed him in the Chucktown Diocese where Bishop Bob became one of his best friends. All the while, deep down inside, Herman knew he was no superhero. In fact, the little, orange mouse was actually kind of wimpy and cowardly. Herman constantly had to remind himself of what Gomez taught him:

God will make you what you’re supposed to be, and the two of you can do anything God wants you to do.

“Thank you, Jesus,” Herman heard himself say. “Thank you, Lord!”


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

3 thoughts on “Flood, Mousetraps, and Superheroes

  1. The pre-cruise dialogue is so believable, and I can hardly imagine how it grew on the high seas adventure. Captain Noah was a very dev as extremely

    On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 11:40 Bible Study Cartoons wrote:

    > Reach One posted: ” OUR STORY … “How did I get here?” Herman thought as > he sat in his little apartment in the mouse village at the Cathedral. One > moment he had been sitting on the edge of a creek in the Bull Swamp. The > next moment, he found himself in the middle of” >

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    1. Yes, brother. 40 days at sea in an unsteerable Ark leaves much to the imagination. And just try to discern what God might be saying when we consider the connection between the Flood and Baptism, and the Ark and the Church. The possibilities are stunning and endless. See ya tonight in Bible Study.

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