It’s Not Too Late Yet


Herman went back to his apartment in the Cathedral walls for lunch after Sunday mass. While he was eating, he reread the Gospel Scripture from the mass. It had some intriguing connections to life in today’s world.


The Bible said that Jesus cured a leper, sent him to the priest for confirmation, and commanded the leper not to tell anyone else what had happened (Mark 1:40-45). Of course, the leper followed part of His instructions— but that part about not telling anyone? Well, you guessed it! He disregarded that part, and it had a terrible effect. Before long, the crowds grew so large that Jesus had to avoid the cities.

The way Herman saw it, Jesus had canceled the man’s leprosy, and in exchange for that miracle, the man whom He cured censored Jesus. By failing to follow what the Lord commanded, He had prevented the Lord from fully doing what He was supposed to do.


That’s pretty much what’s going on with some social media sites these days, Herman thought. Jesus opened the gates of heaven to all of us, including those working there. But many of the very people He has healed now vigorously try to silence His message of love and life. For the most part, they use vague and ambiguous community standards with complex algorithms to control what gets communicated and what does not. The result is that, while some types of diversity are properly promoted, diversity in thought and ideas is definitely restricted.

Herman lamented all restrictions on free thinking and free ideas, even those with which he does not agree. He decided to think of them all as a form of spiritual warfare.

The good news is that because they’re spiritual warfare, he does not blame the people working with social media. The bad news is, censorship remains a dangerous practice for society and culture.

The little, orange mouse decided to commit much of his remaining life to praying about this problem.


That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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