Who? Me?


Being who you are can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. There are probably many reasons that’s true, but Herman doesn’t need any explanations.

Ever since the epic, 24-hour rainstorm a few years ago, when the little, orange mouse was literally washed out of the Bull Swamp into the Edisto River and down to historical, old Chucktown, he has had an identity crisis. That’s probably why he and Deacon Guy are such good friends.

Deacon Guy just seems to understand intuitively that finding yourself can be one of life’s greatest challenges.


The Bible tells us that when Moses met God, God introduced Himself as “I am who I am.” What more does anyone need to know about God or anyone else if they really know who they are — in Christ!

Jesus asked His disciples who the people said He was. Then he asked them who they say He is (Matt 16:13-16). Of course, our Lord knew the answers, but he confronted others with these questions so they might learn the answer for themselves.


“Wow!” Herman thought out loud. “We need the truth today. All around us are people who don’t know their fathers. Many don’t know what sex they are. And some don’t even know that life is good or when it begins. They have been taught that they are the center of their own universe and now, people can’t understand why they’re unhappy and depressed. What has happened to the world?”

Herman was sad. He had no desire to ridicule anybody. Instead, he felt compassion, and even a sense of grief for them. He remembered how lost he had felt when he washed up on dry land near The Battery in old Chucktown. He was so alone! He was so depressed! He didn’t know how he would even survive a single day. Fortunately, he wandered to a place that today he calls home. His refuge was the Cathedral.

As Herman thought through all these things and tried to sort them out, he was glad that he had friends like Deacon Guy, Bishop Bob, the nuns at the Catholic bookstore, and lots of other real, loving people. Herman was also thankful for the gift of faith which now fueled his life each day.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B.

In Christ!

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