A Good Afternoon Nap


Herman’s timing could not have been any better. He showed up just when Sr. Lulu was feeling a little “down.” He witnessed the other sisters coming together to cheer her up. And, of course, Sr. Lulu always enjoyed visits from the little, orange mouse who lived in the Cathedral with Bishop Bob.

But then, what’s not to love about a Gospel-sharing Cathedral mouse!


Our Scripture verse for this story comes from the mass readings for Sunday, February 7th. That’s this Sunday, the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

In this passage, Job finds himself being oppressed by Satan, and it’s no fun! Though his outlook on life isn’t very good for the moment, Job is not the kind of guy who gives up on God just because he’s having a bad day. Job perseveres!


Sr. Lulu’s companions are better equipped to help her than Job’s friends were. The other sisters didn’t surround her to accuse her. Rather, they were on hand to pray for her, to love her, and to serve her (note the cup of green tea they brewed for Sr. Lulu).

They even gave Sr. Lulu some really good advice. If you find yourself feeling a bit down, don’t forsake the opportunity to enjoy a good nap. Better yet, go for a walk and pray as you go. As Sr. Charlie said, you’re never out of reach of the love of Jesus.

Have a blessed day today. Oh, yeah! Go to mass this Sunday if at all possible. Your priest will tell you the rest of the story during the homily.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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