Strong Silent Type


Herman did it again. He blurted out a tart response when a friend said something that seemed ridiculous to him. It resulted in an unpleasant exchange that Herman now regretted. He was certain his friend regretted it too, though he had not yet worked up the nerve to approach his friend to make the peace. Herman thought that, perhaps, later would be a better time for that than now.


The Bible confirms Alain de Botton’s thoughts and Herman’s confidence. It reveals that even a fool can appear wise, if only he is wise enough to remain silent (Prov 17:28). It goes on to say that, if we just remained completely silent for a little while, it would actually become our wisdom for us (Job 13:5).

There really is power and wisdom in silence.


After a brief cooling off period, Herman decided that now really might be the best time to mend the damage that had been done between friends. He also decided that maybe he shouldn’t say everything that crossed his mind. Perhaps, some things are better left unsaid.

Herman knew this would not be easy to actually do, so he decided he would pray about it. Now the little mouse found himself talking silently to God about what he was thinking.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic.

In Christ.

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