Sr. Charlie and Sr. Lulu were guests on a popular EWTN TV show recently. After the initial introductions and opening chit-chat, the topic of conversation came around to priestly and religious vocations. That’s when Sr. Charlie dropped a spiritual bomb on the listeners.

Sr. Charlie told them that vocations weren’t really about God’s calling out and hoping someone might answer. Rather, God made people with a purpose. Some were to become priests and religious people. The call on their lives is actually more about learning their life’s purpose and becoming that.

Of course, this lesson could be applied more broadly in society than just priestly and religious vocations. But for those discerning their call right now, this is really a good starting place.


In the Bible, God asks who will go to the people for Him. Isaiah responds, “Here I am, Lord. Over here. You can send me.” (Isaiah 6:8 —paraphrased). It’s a cool story, but if you take a second look, you’ll see something more.

God was in heaven. Isaiah came into God’s presence. That’s when he (seemingly) overheard this conversation that impacted him so deeply. It’s the secret to vocation.

In his book I Heard God Laugh (Blue Sparrow, North Palm Beach, FL), Matthew Kelly makes an interesting point. He reminds us that we are more than what has happened in our life. We’re greater than our accomplishments too. He tells us, “You are who and what you are still capable of becoming.” (pp 13)

Kelly adds that our being, our person, is dynamic. As we experience life and grow, we are constantly changing as a human being. That’s what’s really so important about the little porch story above, which is just fiction, by the way, folks. It didn’t really happen.

To hear God’s call, we must enter into God’s presence. Discernment requires prayer that listens.


Herman just happened to be watching EWTN when the Chucktown nuns were on the air. Oh, how he wished He could be a nun too! They are so cool! But alas, he was a mouse. And he was a guy too. He knew that becoming a nun would never work for him.

The little mouse had even considered settling for becoming a bishop. Bishops were almost as cool as nuns. But that didn’t seem very likely for a little, orange mouse either.

That’s when Herman realized he was called to be Chucktown’s Cathedral mouse. He was also called to be superhero of the faith, even though he was actually a spiritual wimp. Somehow Herman understood that he was better equipped for those things — at least, the Cathedral mouse part. Herman was still in doubt about that superhero thing though.

And hey! Bishop Bob was his best buddy. That’s pretty hard to top, Herman realized. He had a pretty good vocation after all—for a mouse, at least.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic.

In Christ.

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