Kingdom Secrets


Herman’s guardian angel really lowered the boom on him. A lack of courage was no reason for a mouse to turn down an opportunity from God to become a superhero of the faith.

Much to Herman’s surprise, success as a superhero had more to do with trust in God and obedience to His Word than it did with personal courage. Of course, that was not much comfort to a little mouse who tended to be more cowardly than heroic.


In Sacred Scripture, the Apostle St. Paul exhorts believers to be strong and courageous (1 Cor 16:13). Herman had read this before, but somehow he had never seen it as applying to himself. He always thought of it as being for someone else.

Now Herman was being confronted directly with this passage — and he was fearful. Did he have what it took to become the mouse God was calling him to be? Or would he fail God, Gomez, and Bishop Bob miserably?


If only the little, orange mouse were listening more carefully! He would have realized that Gomez knew a secret about superheroes of the faith, and he was planning to share it with Herman. Herman didn’t have to be brave. Jesus had all the courage necessary to win the battle. Herman simply had to learn some secrets about the Kingdom of God that were hidden in plain view in the Bible. And he had to know how to use the special power the Holy Spirit had given the Church.

Gomez was not finished with Herman yet. The guardian angel would soon teach Herman everything he needed to embark on his encore career as a superhero of the faith.


Here’s a little something to pray about as you go on your way today. Based on what you just read and what you know about yourself, what might you start, stop, or change doing to improve your spiritual condition? Nothing is too small for you to consider — and if you don’t start making these changes, you’re going to meet Jesus some day just like you are right now. Wouldn’t it be better if you invested the talents He entrusted to you (Matt 25:14-30)?

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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