Let’s Get Started


The nuns went back to Alabama again to visit the EWTN studios in Irondale. They like to do that a couple times each year. On this trip, they wanted to meet Johnnette Williams and see the “Women of Grace” show.

Visiting EWTN is always a big deal for the nuns because Catholic media is such a powerful force for evangelizing the culture and catechizing believers. Of course, as the largest Christian broadcaster in the world, EWTN is also center stage for Catholic media.

When Herman learned that the nuns were going over to Alabama, he packed his bags and went there too. In fact, he wasn’t far away when the nuns ran into Johnnette. He saw and heard everything.

Herman really appreciated Sr. Lulu’s approach. Sr. Lulu is a nice nun, but when it comes time for evangelization, she is ready to skip all the “Howdy-howdies!” and get right to the point.

As Sr. Lulu might say, “Let’s get started! Let’s get the show on the road!”


The Bible makes it clear that starting is important. Your start might seem humble, the Bible says, but your future can still be prosperous (Job 8:7). You have to remember, however, that you don’t get to the finish line without first crossing the starting line. That’s what Herman thought Sr. Lulu was trying to say. Get started!


There are souls out there waiting for us. You don’t have to have a TV show or radio program to reach others with the Gospel. You just need to live as if you’re Jesus’ friend (John 15:15). Then introduce others around you to your Friend. Catholic media will be there for the curious ones who want to learn more later.


So think about this. Based on what’s going on in your life right now, what should you start, stop, or change doing? Don’t overlook the little things — they can make the biggest difference.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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