Over the last couple of weeks, Herman had noticed a change in Sr. Linda. At first, it seemed subtle, but it didn’t take long before she was “over the top!” It was her enthusiasm.

Whatever the reason, it seemed like Sr. Linda had turned some kind of emotional corner. Her normal high energy and enthusiasm seemed to become unbridled, and her love for media evangelization appeared to be scaring people away rather than welcoming them.

Herman was not in the store at the time, but he had heard that Sr. Charlie finally cornered Sr. Linda and talked with her lovingly about her enhanced zeal for media evangelization.


It’s never easy to talk with a friend or loved one about toning things down,” especially if what they’re enthusiastic about is actually a very good thing. But we have to understand that, sometimes, it’s not the message that turns the audience off as much as the “over the top” delivery of that message.

The Bible encourages believers to be enthusiastic (Phil 1:18; Col 3:23). Nuns and religious brothers are well-known for their enthusiastic approach to life. Enthusiasm is a good trait that is to be desired by the faithful around us. But like everything else in life, balance and moderation help us move in our life’s pilgrimage.

The heart of the message is the Gospel. “Rah! Rah!” has its place, of course, but steady, consistent love wins the race. Love is the most powerful way to deliver the Gospel to our family and friends.


As Herman thought through the situation, he realized that wisdom was the solution. Sr. Charlie demonstrated wisdom in approaching Sr. Linda before things became a real problem. Sr. Linda showed wisdom in wanting to communicate the value of good media with visitors to the store.

All that remained was finding the wisdom for the best way to communicate the wonderful message of good media for life. Love showed the way (John 14:6).


While you’re with us, here’s something to consider. Based on your life right now, what could you start, stop, or change doing that might make life better? Don’t overlook the little things — sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B.

In Christ!

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