Let’s Do It


Herman is learning that there’s more to being a Cathedral mouse than eating fine Gouda. It’s formation time for the little, orange mouse, and he’s already discovered that he has a guardian angel named Gomez to help him with his cathedral duties.

It will be necessary that Herman become a trusted friend for Bishop Bob. The world is full of a rebellious spirit that took root in 1517. It is evident in the many infected Catholics on social media who daily accuse the ones God has put in charge of His Church. They criticize rather than catechize, which makes a faithful friend a precious commodity for a besieged bishop.

Herman will also have to become a superhero of the faith. These two things are unlikely (if not impossible) for Herman in the natural world. But as a Cathedral mouse, Herman won’t always operate in the natural world. He’ll be working in the Kingdom of God.

The Bible unveils many wonderful secrets about the Kingdom of God. They are hidden from us in plain view. Herman will learn many of these secrets and share them with us. In the process, Herman will discover that doing the impossible is not only possible in God’s Kingdom, but very common.


The Bible has encouraging news for Herman. First, it promises that he will to be able to do whatever he is called to do because Jesus will give him the strength necessary (Phil 4:13). God promises that anyone He sends out to do something will be able to finish that task — no matter what!

The second thing is that God is a finisher (Phil 1:6). God never quits on us! If He decides to start a scenario where a little mouse becomes a superhero of the faith, you can be certain He will make that happen. Whatever God starts, He finishes.


In life, it’s not about you, but the God who made you, prepares you, equips you, and sends you. In truth, you are just a special guest invited to witness firsthand the power an awesome God to do amazing things through something as ordinary as you.

Along the way, we all learn that God does have a sense of humor. The One who spoke creation into existence, now works with the many who bumble along blindly through life. As we go, He invites us to do amazing things in His Kingdom. He who transformed a fisherman with faith into a “water walker” (Matt 14:22-33) will transform an ordinary mouse — and you and me too!

Herman will become a superhero of the faith. We don’t know how yet because we’re still writing our part of this story day-by-day, very publicly for all to see. As we write, we learn truth ourselves and share it with our friends in these Herman Nootks story we call “Nun Sense” (pun definitely intended).

Let’s keep moving forward together on this most unusual pilgrimage.


As you go about your business today, please pause to think about this. What should you start, stop, or change doing in your life? Don’t overlook the little things — they can make the biggest difference!

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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