The Flying Nun


Herman hopped on the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8) and went to Bean Town to visit the home for some of his favorite nuns. While he was there, he decided to drop in on Sr. Irene’s workshop.

Sr. Irene is one of those “amazing-in-so-many-ways” nuns. She’s kind and gracious. She is bright and intelligent. She’s an excellent communicator. And she has enough “good weirdness” to make her truly charming!

One of Sr. Irene’s favorite endeavors, as far as our little mouse knows, is that she’s a flying nun. For those old enough to remember Sally Field, we’re not talking about that kind of flying nun. No — we’re talking about being a drone pilot.

The “big house” for the nuns in Bean Town really is very, very, big indeed. It is a multi-story structure that takes up a city block. Not only is it ground zero for all the bookstore nuns in North America, but it’s also where all the old nuns retire too.

Somewhere upstairs in the big house, there are lots of older nuns who are watched after and taken good care of by their younger sisters. And that’s where Sr. Irene comes in, according to Herman’s (possibly reliable) information.

Herman is pretty sure that Sr. Irene had a vision when she first heard about Amazon’s plan to use drones to deliver packages. If you had the right drones with the right navigational software, she must’ve rationalized, wouldn’t it be possible to get food and supplies up and down the stairs, and back and forth across the building? Herman believed that Sr. Irene thought this was possible and was certain she was working on some experiments to validate her theory.


The Bible tells us that we should buy truth and not sell it. We should buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding too (Prov 23:23). But what does that mean? And how does this illustrated porch story from Herman reflect this Biblical truth?

To start with, the dear, older nuns who live in the big house are precious to the younger nuns. The younger nuns are taking care of the older nuns because they respect the lives the older nuns have lived. And of course, they can still learn from the older nuns and are inspired by them too.

By taking care of the older nuns, the younger nuns are spiritually buying truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding as they invest themselves in the last years of life on this earth the older nuns will live.


Herman doesn’t really known why Sr. Irene is experimenting with drones. His porch story is just Herman’s theory. Whether he’s right or not, by encouraging Sr. Irene, Herman will be investing in wisdom and understanding too. It will be Sr. Irene’s knowledge and wisdom he will be buying.

We hope to have more to say about Sr. Irene in future Nun Sense porch stories, but that remains to be seen. You’ll have to hang out with us on the porch to find out for sure.


Before you leave us, think about this. Based on what you know about your life right now, what might you want to start, stop, or change doing? Don’t overlook the little things — sometimes those little things can make the biggest differences for you and the ones around you that you really love.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B.

In Christ.

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