Pandemic Puntime


Herman liked to sneak down to the Catholic bookstore and hang out there unnoticed. He had always loved stores as Christmas approached, especially bookstores. And the Catholic bookstores were the very best because, somehow, they seemed to be able to integrate the sacred with our cultural traditions.

While he was hanging out in the Catholic bookstore on Monday morning, he overheard a conversation that really made him think (see above).


The Bible tells us that God makes all things beautiful in their time (Eccl 3:11). A new liturgical year, regardless whether it’s Year A, Year B, or Year C (we apologize to our non-Catholic friends trying to figure this out … just go with the flow for a moment), always brings joy and excitement with it.

In the coming year, the mass will take us through the entire Bible story, focusing especially on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ and the establishment and growth of the Church as His family. All the while, we get to eat the daily Bread of Life, which is uniquely present in the Holy Eucharist (John 6:33-71).


Of course, Sr. Linda was excited about the new liturgical year, which starts off with Advent. Advent remembers the first coming of the Christ into our world and reminds us of His certain return.

But Sr. Lulu has to live in community with Sr. Linda, and she’s seen the changes that extended quarantine and isolation have had on her sister and dear friend. The pandemic truly does serve as a call to prayer for all God’s children everywhere.

And then there’s Herman. The little, orange Cathedral mouse has another perspective, which is about par for the course for him. He knows that all things are beautiful in their time, and he’s looking for the good that God plans for these particularly troubling times. Herman sets an example for his friends and admirers.

We are to look for the good in the current situation (Rom 8:28). We will see what we seek (Matt 6:33).


Think about it. Based on what you know about your life right now, what should you start, stop, or change doing? Don’t overlook the little things — they can make the biggest difference.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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