The Catholic Golfer’s Scorecard


Along the coast of South Carolina, Catholic golfers love a course they call “The Swamp.” It’s hard to say exactly why this course is such a crowd favorite, but it has a miraculous nature to it. Some swear there have even been a few Baptist golfers who signed up for RCIA after playing The Swamp with their Catholic friends.

Most Catholic golfers would tell you that the reason for its popularity is “The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card.” At first glance, the Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card is just like any other scorecard, except it’s bigger. When you turn it over to look at its backside, you can understand why.

The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card requires Catholics to pray before they play. After praying, they are permitted to write the score they desire for each hole. Then they can put their scorecard away and go out on the course to have some fun.

There’s never a need for Catholic golfers to use a mulligan, because they already have their scores for every hole. They don’t have to take any “drops” either — just play and have fun!

When they finish the round, they total their scores for each hole like any other golfers. But they have the advantage of being Catholic, even when playing golf.

The best part of it all is, Catholic golfers don’t even have to go to confession after a round of golf any more. And even if there were some defects in their prayers, The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card includes special absolutions, dispensations, and indulgences to make sure they’re covered for all 18 holes. Of course, that’s why The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card is larger than the scorecards their Protestant friends carry.

Some folks say The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card is what makes The Swamp a favorite golf course for priests in the diocese too.


The Bible tells us that we will get whatever we ask for in prayer (Matt 21:22). Of course, The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card does not embody the intended meaning for our Scripture verse today. The Word of God is much better at leading us to heaven than it is for helping duffers win golf games. But still, The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card has been an inspiration for many Catholic golfers!


The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card has made The Swamp popular. The legend of The Catholic Golfer’s Prayer Card has also encouraged a few Catholic golfers to start reading their Bibles. And while we can’t vouch for any Baptist golfers having ever have actually converted to Catholicism, it might have caused more than a few to consider the possibilities.

Anyway, you never know what treasure you’re going to find when you open the Word of God. So don’t play golf without your Catholic Golfer’s Score Card. Be sure to pray today before you do anything else today. And, by all means, read you’re Bible!


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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