Negative Ain’t Bad


A funny thing happened to Herman just the other day. He dropped in on the nuns unnoticed and overheard a conversation that really got him thinking. The strip above tells the story, but Herman has his own thoughts on the event.

It’s pretty hard for normal people, and mice too, to understand what religious people are all about. A call to religious life is a special vocation. But it is not without its benefits.

Those in religious life seem to give up a lot, but most would tell you that that is not the case at all. They spend their lives walking closely with Jesus, setting aside many of life’s ordinary distractions. They pray for those of us who are left behind to contend with the fleeting things of this world — things that have little or no eternal value. In a very real sense, they commit their lives to Jesus and to praying for us.

One other thing Herman noticed is that these religious people have not lost their sense of humor. Herman is convinced that his friends who are nuns and brothers are very funny people!


The Bible tells us that God has a sense of humor. Okay, maybe it doesn’t say it directly in so many words, but it does tell us that Abraham’s son was named “laughter” (Gen 17:19). That’s what Isaac means in Hebrew.

It also tells us that He told Job that He would fill his mouth with laughter, and his lips would shout joyously. Job — remember him. That’s the righteousness man who suffered so much at the hands of Satan.

God has a sense of humor. Laughter is not a sin. In fact, it is a blessing! And Herman’s experience has taught him that his media nun friends can be some really funny characters even as they pursue a life devoted to holiness.


It turns out that Sr. Linda did not have the COVID thing. To be negative, in her case, was a pretty good thing. But Herman wasn’t too sure if Sr. Lulu realized that as she watched the little nun scurry out the door and race down Beaufain Street towards the Medical University.

The little, orange mouse decided to give Sr. Lulu the benefit of the doubt too. After all, negative ain’t always such a bad thing.


Well, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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