High Places


Those who know Herman, the Cathedral mouse, know that he gets around. So it should be of no big surprise to learn that he was recently at Sr. Anne’s “Drone Garage” at the Provincial House in Bean Town when Dr. Ray just happened to drop by for a little visit.

During the visit, Herman overheard something very strange. It appears that Dr. Ray is afraid of flying. It also appears that the media nuns actually have a “flying nun” in the family. Dr. Ray talked to the flying nun about his fear of flying. Imagine that!


The Bible tells us that God hears and answers the prayers of the poor (Ps 102:17). Dr. Ray is no dummy, of course! He has a really popular TV show on EWTN where he deals with a lot of problems confronting contemporary Catholic families. Dr. Ray’s advice is rooted in both education and experience, but what makes it so valuable is that he is always down-to-earth and very practical.

But, folks, even smart guys like Dr. Ray need a little help from time to time. So our cartoon version of Dr. Ray turned to the nuns for a little extra intercessory prayer when he needed some help. That’s very much in keeping with Scripture which tells us to pray for each other (1 Tim 2:1).

By the way, if you haven’t seen Dr. Ray’s show yet, be sure to check it out on EWTN. Dr. Ray is the real deal!


We’ll be checking back with Dr. Ray and the nuns to see how he’s doing with this flying thing. And, by the way, remember that these are all porch stories. Porch stories are an old, country tradition. They are guaranteed to be completely true … except those parts the storyteller might add to make them more interesting. Enjoy your time on the porch with us, but never take yourself or our porch stories too seriously.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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