The Tree Is Not Dead


Gomez always seemed to show up just when Herman needed him most. But of course, that’s what guardian angels do.

The day was young, and already Herman had encountered his share of mishaps and struggles. There was the headache he woke up with. And then he had run out of coffee pods. He didn’t understand how that could’ve happened. It was lucky that Opa mouse lived nearby and always seemed to have an extra pod of coffee for a friend.

The computer had frozen up too. That’s when Gomez made his appearance.

“Problems are not always what they seem to be,” the angel told Herman. “Sure, they can be annoying,“ he went on, “but they can also be opportunities for little mice to experience big victories!”

Herman had been thinking about that ever since.


The Bible tells us we can overcome our problems because Jesus has already overcome the world in every way, including death (1 John 5:4).

We’re not victims of circumstance or even mere conquerors. We’re much more than that (Rom 8:37).

Our job is to fight the good fight of faith. We can do this if we learn to trust in the promise of eternal life (1 Tim 6:12).


When the leaves fall off a tree, as they are starting to do right now, the tree will become dormant. Though the untrained eye might tell you that the tree has died, it has not. It is just experiencing a grand and rewarding, winter’s rest!

Nature stands prepared to share important life lessons with us when we‘re ready to learn them. The trees give up their fruit and then rest, only to be reawakened by the joy of a new springtime soon. That’s how it is with us too. God speaks to us if only we will watch with expectant eyes and ears that will hear.

Don’t be troubled by the leaves you loose in your life or your fruit that drops to the ground. God wastes nothing. With the fallen fruit are the seeds for new life. It happens every year. It is the way of life,

When you experience situations and setbacks, don’t be easily discouraged. Your day is not ruined. Try to remember that there’s always more going on in the forest than the tree notices.


That’s our story from the old, front porch, and we’re sticking to it! It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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