Stick Em Up


All across the United States, in Canada, and around the world too, there are amazing places called “Pauline Book and Media Centers” (PBMC). They’re staffed by some remarkable characters many people call “the media nuns.”

At any given time, you can catch the media nuns having fun with each other and with the folks who stop by for a short visit. They’re also sharing the Gospel and helping people learn more about the Church Jesus established, the Bible that that Church gave the world, and the love of God that’s all around us everywhere everyday.

We recently stopped by the PBMC in the old city of Charleston. We caught them in the middle of a “stick up” by Sr. Linh.


Our Jewish brothers and sisters have a remarkable song called “Hava Nagila.” It’s based on Ps 118:24 (look it up!) and it roughly translates into English as “let’s celebrate … rejoice … be glad … be happy!” The reason for the great joy is not our circumstances, of course, but our God. We have a good God!

The media nuns in this comicstrip are not celebrating the pandemic. They’re celebrating our God who is greater than the pandemic — and did we say He is really, really good!

We’ve added the “Hava Nagila” song at the bottom of this page for your enjoyment. Rejoice a little before you go to work or during the day!


And hey! If you’re anywhere near a PBMC today, why not drop in for a visit! You can “stick em up” with the media nuns and have a great time together rejoicing in the Lord. Or if you have a question, they probably have an answer for you too. They’re pretty good at that.

It’s a good place to visit!


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it! It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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