Respect Life


“I’m gonna die!” Herman said. “I’m really gonna die — and the way time is flying by, it won’t be very long from now either.”

Of course, Herman realized that wasn’t the best way to start a morning’s meditation. But when you’re a little, orange, Cathedral mouse who also happens to be a superhero of the faith, much is expected of you. And Herman’s morning prayers could sometimes be like a wrestling match.

This morning, Herman was falling short of his own expectations—again.


Herman had been reading in Philippians (Phil 1:15-18). Apparently, other preachers had been preaching to the people at Philippi. Some were motivated by envy of Paul and wanted the attention he was getting. Others preached out of love.

Herman thought about envy for a moment. He could easily remember times in his life times when he had been envious of others. Now he understood through the Catechism that envy was actually a form of covetousness (CCC 2538-2540). And envy could interfere with your relationship with God. It could make your spirit sick.

Fortunately, God had a remedy to help us fight back against covetousness. It included humility, good will towards others, and trust in God.


“Life is short,” he thought, “but that’s okay. Knowing that it‘s short, might actually be a blessing.”

Herman realized he didn’t have time to envy others. He decided to commit today to respecting his life and the life of others. He would try to humble himself, see the good in others, and put his trust in God for the outcomes.

Of course, he realized he couldn’t do that on his own. He needed God’s help. But he would give it his best shot.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

Trust in Jesus even if you don’t realize yet why that’s so important.

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