Pray For Us


Herman had not expected the news of the morning, though, if pressed, he would have admitted that it was predictable. A generation of people who were raised to live without God or prayer had been angrily protesting for months. They seemed determined to destroy the very fabric of the establishment that had molded their dark world for them.

And now, a Supreme Court justice, trusted and respected by many, was gone. The one who had been their hope recently succumbed to the inevitable plague of time. Her death virtually ensured a new chapter of pain and turmoil loomed just around the next corner. Herman sensed great pain for many.

“What’s a mouse supposed to do at a time like this?” he asked himself. “How should a superhero-of-the-faith react to these events?” he wondered. That’s when Gomez, his guardian angel, intervened.

“Pray,” the angel told Herman. “Prayer is what mice and superheroes do at moments like this,” he continued. “In particular, intercessory prayer is the appropriate response.”

“What’s so special about intercessory prayer?” Herman asked.

“Intercessory prayer is complete prayer,” the angel told Herman. “No man is complete by himself. God made mankind to live in community. Jesus prayed that we would become one as the father and the son are one. Without others, every man or woman is less than one.”

Herman thought about that for a moment. He remembered that, in the Bible, as far back as Abraham, there were stories about people praying for others. Yes, of course, that was intercessory prayer! Intercessory prayer had been part of Bible history from its very beginning.

“Pray for others the way they should pray for themselves,” Gomez told Herman. “And then, trust God to be God. Trust Him to do the right thing. He will not disappoint you.”

Herman decided to do as his guardian angel had instructed. He decided to ignore social media friends who said horrific things about the president, the president’s opponent, the Supreme Court justice who had recently died, the Pope, or a host of others who are the subject of vile contempt. Instead, the little mouse would leave the judgment of souls to God where it properly belonged. Herman decided to do what a superhero-of-the-faith ought to do. He would show his love by praying for troubled people.

Herman wept (John 11:35). And then he prayed that they would be one (John 17:21).


The Bible tells us that the Apostle St. Paul prayed for the Philippians, asking especially that their love would continue to grow in knowledge and discernment (Phil 1:9-11). Paul prayed for his friends. He interceded for them.

The Catechism expounds on that. It says that the intercession of Christians has no boundaries (CCC 2636). We can ask God for anything for anyone. When you put Paul’s prayers together with the Church’s teaching on intercession, you realize that something very powerful has been placed in our hands. It is intercessory prayer.


Who are you going to pray for today? Do you have a prayer list, or do you just pray as the need arises? What’s your normal routine for intercessory prayer?

Each of us ought to be praying for many other people everyday. Become sensitive to the needs of others and understand that you have the power to make a difference in their lives with prayer. And, oh, by the way, if you can’t think of anybody else to pray for today, pray for us. God knows what we need, so just lift us up asking for His grace and divine mercy in our lives.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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