Not everyone who knows about Fr. Joe’s side gig as a teaching pro at the local golf course approves of him. In fact, some are actually critical of his seemingly lackadaisical reaction to the foul speech of more than a few of the golfers, but that doesn’t seem to bother Fr. Joe.

He’s out on the links several times a week with the golfers, many of whom are active in his parish.


The Bible tells us it’s not what goes into our mouth (the food that we eat) that defiles us, but what comes out if it (Mt 15:28). Our words reveal our hearts.


In the little cartoon above, it seems as if this mythical “Fr. Joe” is condoning foul or vulgar speech. We have it from reliable sources, however, that he really is not.

Fr. Joe knows that his golfers’ speech reveals a greater problem inside. The padre also knows that God’s divine mercy can deal with their sub-par speech. He gives lessons to golfers so that they might learn the truth.

Some of the golfers will indeed learn the truth and begin living it. Others will not. Either way, Fr. Joe does not judge their souls. But as a “preaching golf pro,” he is often critical of how they address the ball, their swing, and even their course management skills.

Some of his golfers will eventually learn important life lessons from spending time on the links with Fr. Joe.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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