History Repairs Itself


Herman sat on the edge of his bed. His feet were on the floor, but his head was drooped down. He wasn’t sure if he was really wanted to get up or if he would rather crawl back under the covers.

He remembered spending a lot of time in thought last night. He didn’t sleep well. The little mouse recalled feeling pretty good about where he was in life right now. He was making good decisions, and mostly, he was doing the right things. But he could also remember a time when that wasn’t true.

Herman’s history was checkered. There were long periods in his life when his priorities were not good, which often resulted in bad decisions. In fact, sometimes Herman thought that it was a miracle he was even still alive right now.

His life now seems to have been built on a foundation of bad decisions. That sometimes made Herman both proud of what he had become and ashamed of what he once was at the same time.

“Is it possible,” the little mouse wondered, “that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it actually repairs itself?”


In today’s Bible readings, we see a long and tedious genealogy of the ancestors of Jesus. While the genealogy of Jesus is not much fun to read, it says an awful lot about who He was and the kind of questionable characters God is able to work with.

We all have a history, even the God-man named Jesus. Our lives are built on the foundation of our history. Our history influences us, but God’s purpose for our lives is what ultimately determines who we become. When we seek our purpose in God, we discover the true treasure of our life.


Life is about love. The story includes many second and third chances. It’s more about “being “ than it is about doing, because, God knows, we will do the right things if only we learn who we are.

Spend some quiet time in conversation with God today. Let your heart listen more than it speaks. God has something He wants to tell you. It’s a wonderful secret to be known only to Him and you.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it! It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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