A Bad Start



“Uh-oh!” Herman thought to himself. “Today is starting just like yesterday. That’s not good!”

Yesterday had been a bad day for Herman. No, nothing traumatic had happened. In fact, the little mouse could not recount a single terrible event. But it just seemed to him as if everything that happened around him was sour. It was not a joyful day!

“Why does God let His mice have days like that?” Herman wondered. “If He loves us so much, why does He let us experience bad days?”

To Herman, it seemed like a loving God would want His children — and mice to always be happy.


Herman did what he always did in times of uncertainty. He turned to the Bible in search of wisdom.

First, he was reminded that God is good (Ps 107:1). He is good always all the time. That’s true even when bad things are happening around him. God’s goodness can be trusted! And this good God loves him, a little mouse, very much. And He loves the whole world too (John 3:16).

Then the little mouse encountered an interesting passage in Isaiah. It said that he should fear not! Regardless what is going on around him, God is with him (Isa 41:10). And if God is with him, who could be against him (Rom 8:31)!

It was at this point that God seemed to bring Herman deep into the well of wisdom. The little mouse was reminded that we do not see what God sees, nor do we think like God thinks. His ways are different from ours. They are higher than ours. They are superior to ours (Isa 55:8). The wise person learns to agree with God when he or she does not quite understand what God is doing.

Before closing his Bible and praying, that last thought was affirmed in Herman. It was not his will that really mattered, but the will of God (Lk 22:42).

“Speak to me, Lord,” the little mouse whispered quietly. “Though I am a mere mouse, I am listening.”


In this world, there will be troubles. It’s not God who brings those troubles on. It is the evil one (Gen 3:15). But God does permit them, though he limits them so that the evil one cannot destroy His children (Job 1:6-12).

As he was sitting there listening for God’s voice, an interesting thought occurred to Herman. We have no idea what horrible and diabolical things Satan has planned for each of us today, but we do know that the evil one is always trying to destroy us. What if God let a little thing go wrong as a way of preventing something bigger and worse from happening? What if the annoying things of this day were actually “love letters” from God, reminding us that He is watching us and protecting us from far worse.

The little mouse wasn’t sure if he was quite ready yet to thank God for the bad day he had yesterday, but he knew there was more to the story than his natural eyes could see. Yes, God really is a good God!


Well, that’s our story again today, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. Cool2B!


Maybe you know someone who is having a bad day today. Or maybe you have a friend or family member who just has some doubts about what God is doing right now. You can share the message from “our story” today with a cool, new tool that we call “ePads.”

Click HERE to see the “our story” ePad for today. Or just share this link with them in an email or text message:


In Christ.

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