Herman’s been learning an important lesson. “You can’t put your faith under a bushel basket. It’s not just a private thing.


As the little orange mouse watched the news, he realized his community was in real trouble. He knew the solution too. But for too long, he had been a silent witness. Now, people in desperate need of what he knew were suffering on the streets in very public and ugly ways. How much longer could Herman sit idly by before he finally turned his beliefs into faith!

Apparently, Martha’s faith had matured since that embarrassing time when she had worked so hard to make dinner for Jesus. She could still remember the sting of hearing the Lord say her sister Mary was doing the better thing sitting at His feet (Luke 10:41-42). Now she found herself placing her complete trust in the Lord even as her brother Lazarus lay dead (John 11:19-27).

It can take awhile for belief to be transformed into faith — maybe even a lifetime.


There will come a time that we will all walk to the edge of the valley of the shadow of death (Ps 23:4). No matter how many people are around you on that day, it will be terrifying for you — unless, of course, you have the faith to step forward to eternal joy.


It’s cool to be Catholic! COOL2B!

In Christ.

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