A Fool Like Me

Why does the wind lift a feather but not a bird that is full of feathers? Life has many mysteries whose solution is actually quite obvious.


The Bible speaks of people who have eyes, but cannot see, and ears, but cannot hear (Matt 13:10-17). They are blind and deaf to truth which seems so obvious to the rest of us. In fact, they don’t even believe truth exists, even as they think of themselves as being smart and intelligent. It’s actually very easy to be a fool, but there is hope for all of us.

Jesus spoke to these people in parables. He performed signs and wonders that they might know. He did this because He loved them just as He loves you and me.


Pray for those around you today who have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear. Don’t be angry or impatient with them. Instead, just love them. Love, in itself, is actually the miracle. Do you hear me? Do you see what I mean?


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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