All The Way

The Bible tells us in various places that Jesus was resurrected in the same body that was nailed to the cross. In fact, He retained those wounds and showed them to His disciples. Yet, there was now a difference between His mortal body and His resurrected flesh. Locked doors could not keep Him away. And this resurrected body would never die again.


According to Jesus, there was still more to come — more changes. He still had to return to the Father in heaven. The Catechism gives us an important clue to the importance of this statement. It says …

“the risen body in which he appears … is the same body that had been tortured and crucified, for it still bears the traces of his Passion. Yet at the same time this authentic, real body possesses the new properties of a glorious body: not limited by space and time but able to be present how and when he wills; for Christ’s humanity can no longer be confined to earth, and belongs henceforth only to the Father’s divine realm.”


So what are the difference(s) among His mortal body, His resurrected body, and His ascended body? While it’s difficult to fully understand, it is the difference between a change or a transformation … between consubstantiation and transubstantiation … and between a symbol and the real presence.

The message here is that Jesus is going all the way with our Father. And if a person really wants to follow Jesus, they must be prepared to go all the way with Him too. Don’t settle for just a change or a mere symbol. Open yourself up to the possibility of transformation and experiencing the real presence of Jesus Christ — His miraculous body and blood, soul and divinity in your life too!


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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