Time Management

Herman went for an evening stroll. The big bridge was not far from the Cathedral, and Herman enjoyed praying near the river whenever he could.


There’s something special about a river, Herman thought. This particular evening, as Herman contemplated the Old Testament reading from today’s mass, he considered the people who had used the bridge to traverse the waters below. Some were fearful. Others were in a hurry. Still others were traveling and probably just enjoyed the great view of the Holy City and her surrounding marshes.

Herman wondered if any of those people had even considered the nature of time or the value it had in the Kingdom of God. He wondered, too, if any of them knew that God could make time step backwards.


In today’s reading, the prophet had told King Hezekiah that he could have 15 more years to live. He said this in response to the king’s plea for mercy. Hezekiah was terminally ill.

Herman identified with Hezekiah. Because of sin, in a very real way, we’re all terminally ill. And just as the Lord had shown Hezekiah mercy, His mercy awaits us too.

We have the promise of a resurrection from the grave with the accompaniment of eternal life. One day, we will know a life that never runs out of time.


Herman did not know the names of everyone who passed over that bridge today, but He trusted that God knew. As he walked, he decided to pray for all of them. If you crossed the bridge today and received a blessing later, maybe someone was praying for you. It might have been a little, orange Cathedral mouse who is also a true superhero of the faith.


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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