Decide To Decide

Decide! That single word potentially has more power over the outcomes of your life than just about anything else.


Those who get things done are almost always good decision makers. Those who procrastinate and never seem to get beyond the “dreaming stage,” rarely make decisions.


Decisions make an especially big difference in matters of faith. Do you follow the teachings of the Church? If so, you probably made a decision at some point in your life that the Church has authority given by Christ. Those who don’t follow the teachings of the Church most likely never made that decision.

It’s clear in the Bible that Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom. He gave the Apostles authority to forgive sins, as well as to loose (permit) and bind (forbid). And He also said that the bread and wine of communion (the Holy Eucharist) is, in fact, His body and blood (John 6:51). The problem is, a lot of folks never got around to deciding that God is the Author of Scripture, so it doesn’t matter if these things are in the Bible or not (they are in the Bible).

Because God is the Author of Scripture, the Bible is essential to evangelizing our Catholic brothers and sisters. When they make the decision about who the Author of the Bible really is, they will be on their way to discovering the coolness of the Catholic Church.


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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