New Wine! Get Over It!

The Bible speaks of a time when family and friends will turn against each other. It’s in today’s Gospel reading and in the world around us too (Matt 10:16-23).


When we look at the catechism, we see what might be the reason for this, particularly as it applies to the church. The catechism tells us…

“To those whom he thus gathered around him, he taught a new ‘way of acting,’ and a prayer of their own.” (CCC 764)


Social media has created a new kind of danger for people seeking truth. The danger is in “lies and errors” seemingly told with knowledge and authority. We’re not talking about some kind of “looney left” but, instead, a well-intended but poorly formed Catholic spreading malicious accusations against Church leaders in the name of building and protecting the Church (see Matt 16:18-20 to see whose job that actually is).


Part of the problem is that many of these folks don’t seem to realize that the Church is a dynamic, living body. The Church continuously grows and changes for God’s good purpose. Too many folks keep trying to pour new wine into old wine skins (Mark 2:22). While it’s true that doctrine doesn’t change, it’s equally true that a thriving, living Church does change!

The great danger we face is not a Pope whom some think God is unable to manage, control, or lead, but well-intended, poorly formed Catholics who go off “half-cocked” only to end up doing damage to the Bride of Christ. Turn back now while you are still able! Learn to catechize instead of criticize. It’s better to be humble with a good example than to be loud with a bad example.


The great lesson we hope people will learn when they read something we have written is that it is cool to be Catholic! It really is COOL2B!

In Christ!

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